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    Noam Chomsky “Is Free Will An Illusion?”

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    Or you get respected moralists like Reinhold Niebuhr, who was once called ‘the theologian of the establishment’. And the reason is because he presented a framework which, essentially, justified just about anything they wanted to do. His thesis is dressed up in long words and so on (it’s what you do if you’re an intellectual). But what it came down to is that, ‘Even if you try to do good, evil’s going to come out of it; that’s the paradox of grace’. —And that’s wonderful for war criminals. ‘We try to do good but evil necessarily comes out of it.’ And it’s influential. So, I don’t think that people in decision-making positions are lying when they describe themselves as benevolent. —Or people working on more advanced nuclear weapons. Ask them what they’re doing, they’ll say: ‘We’re trying to preserve the peace of the world.’ People who are devising military strategies that are massacring people, they’ll say, ‘Well, that’s the cost you have to pay for freedom and justice’, and so on.

    But, we don’t take those sentiments seriously when we hear them from enemies, say, from Stalinist commissars. They’ll give you the same answers. But, we don’t take that seriously because they can know what they’re doing if they choose to. If they choose not to, that’s their choice. If they choose to believe self-satisfying propaganda, that’s their choice. But it doesn’t change the moral responsibility. We understand that perfectly well with regard to others. It’s very hard to apply the same reasoning to ourselves.

    Noam Chomsky

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    Noam Chomsky Audio Archive - →
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    Noam Chomsky - When he was young. 

    Noam Chomsky - When he was young. 

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    The Legacy of Noam Chomsky →

    Noam Chomsky turns eighty-four today, more than a half century after he exploded onto the scene of linguistics, in in the late nineteen-fifties, as a young professor at M.I.T.

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    The existence of flat earthers does not change the fact that, uncontroversially, the earth is not flat. Similarly, it is uncontroversial that Stalin and Hitler were responsible for horrendous crimes, though loyalists deny it. All of this should, again, be too obvious for comment, and would be, except in an atmosphere of hysteria so extreme that it blocks rational thought.

    Similarly, it is uncontroversial that Bush and associates did commit the “supreme international crime” — the crime of aggression. That crime was defined clearly enough by Justice Robert Jackson, Chief of Counsel for the United States at Nuremberg. An “aggressor,” Jackson proposed to the Tribunal in his opening statement, is a state that is the first to commit such actions as “[i]nvasion of its armed forces, with or without a declaration of war, of the territory of another State ….” No one, even the most extreme supporter of the aggression, denies that Bush and associates did just that.


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    "In parallel, the cost of elections skyrocketed, driving both parties even deeper into corporate pockets. What remains of political democracy has been undermined further as both parties have turned to auctioning congressional leadership positions. Political economist Thomas Ferguson observes that “uniquely among legislatures in the developed world, U.S. congressional parties now post prices for key slots in the lawmaking process.” The legislators who fund the party get the posts, virtually compelling them to become servants of private capital even beyond the norm. The result, Ferguson continues, is that debates “rely heavily on the endless repetition of a handful of slogans that have been battle tested for their appeal to national investor blocs and interest groups that the leadership relies on for resources."
    Noam Chomsky, American Decline: Causes and Consequences (via rooftopsedge)

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    "The phrase “security” does not refer to the security of the population; rather to the security of the “principle architects of policy”—in [Adam] Smith’s day “merchants and manufacturers,” in ours megacorporations and great financial institutions, nourished by the states they largely dominate."
    Noam Chomsky, Hopes and Prospects (via theworldofsleepers)

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    "…It is important not to be intimidated by hysterical ranting and lies and to keep as closely as one can to the course of truth and honesty and concern for the human consequences of what one does, or fails to do. All truisms, but worth bearing in mind."
    Noam Chomsky, 9-11: Was there and alternative? (via theworldofsleepers)

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Noam Chomsky rocking the double mic tonight at Occupy Boston.


    Noam Chomsky rocking the double mic tonight at Occupy Boston.

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    "Intellectuals make a career of trying to make simple things look hard"
    Noam Chomsky, Understanding Power (via theworldofsleepers)

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    "They [labourers of the 19th-20th century] were fighting against the imposition of the mass public education system—and rightly, because they understood exactly what it was: a technique to beat the independence our of the heads of the farmers and to turn them into docile obedient factory workers. That’s ultimately why public education was instituted in the United States in the first place: to meet the needs of a newly-emerging industry. See, part of the process of trying to develop a degraded and obedient labour force was to make the workers stupid an passive—and mass education was one of the ways that was achieved. And of course, there was also a much broader effort to destroy the independent working-class intellectual culture that had developed, which ranged from a huge amount of just outright force, to more subtle techniques like propaganda and public relations campaigns. And those efforts have been sustained to this day."
    Noam Chomsky, Understanding Power (via theworldofsleepers)

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